The Crest Gastropub

Crest Gastro Pub 1aThe building began with two tenant spaces in 1925; a pharmacy with a soda fountain on the East and a horseshoe repairer on the West. Around 1932, at the end of Prohibition, the building owner converted the soda fountain into a bar/grille, serving legalized alcohol. The West tenant also changed into a piano repair shop. In the early 1950’s the bar expanded into the piano shop and operated as the Crestview Inn until early 2013.

3D designed a full service kitchen and bar; serving 60 craft beers. Windows, a new side entrance, and a new outdoor patio were added. A roof garden is on the rear for the chef’s fresh herbs.

COST                                                     $495,000
SIZE                                                2,820 SQ. FT.
COMPLETED                                                 2013
LOCATION                                 COLUMBUS, OH

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