A-D-B Firm

Benefits of Working with Architect-Led Design-Build Firms

What does architect-led design-build or A-D-B mean at 3D Group? It means we are able to produce a complete project from start to finish. Clients will come to us with a project and ask that we design and build it without any third party involvement.

As an A-D-B firm we are able to maintain tighter constraints to keep projects on a specific budget and schedule. We provide more flexibility to handle on-site changes in a timely fashion and we incorporate the best construction practices by staying informed on new technology and trends.

Electing one main entity as the sole responsible party for a project is of great benefit to clients. Many firms shy away from the added pressure of being responsible for all phases of a project; at 3D we have embraced this challenge for many years and in return have earned loyal partnerships and long standing relationships with our clients.

For more information on the benefits of working with an A-D-B firm, please contact our 3D Group office. Please visit our contact page for a phone number, email and office address.

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